Never Overlook a Breast Lump

When you have a breast lump then it is better to seek help from a doctor. Most breast cancer cases don’t really show any symptoms in the beginning but the fact that you are experiencing a breast lump means for a cause of concern since it may make you experience something horrible in the future. When some women experience pain in their breasts, they think it is the beginning of breast cancer but that is not the case most of the times as there are so many causes of the pain like a bra that can’t fit, menstruation, stress and birth control pills.

breast cancer ribbon

The signs of breast cancer in the early stages include the nipple so you better observe the shape continuously, breast pain that is still there after the next period and a new lump that is not gone when your next period is over. This means you can be experiencing a lot of new things during your period but they should go away when your period is over. If they don’t then it is time to go see a doctor and find out if there is something that can be done about it. Don’t wait before it is too late before you actually do something. If you also experience an unexplained rash, itchiness or swelling on the breast then it could be an early sign of breast cancer as well.

This is why you should always take care of your breasts as well as all the other parts of your body. We only have one body so we should take good care of it. After that, there can be more signs that you have breast cancer including unintentional weight loss, vaginal pain, visible veins located on the breast, and when the lump appears to get bigger for no reason. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you should be alarmed like when you get great porn discounts because you are on your way to getting breast cancer even though these can be experienced when you are already old. By that time, you should have already accomplished a lot of things in your life.

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