It Affects Both Genders


Believe it or not, men can also get breast cancer even if it is usually found in women. Some causes include redness of the nipple and when the breast tissue thickens. The breast cells of men is not that developed like those of women though so it is not that common for them. Older men are usually the ones who get victimized by breast cancer even though it can occur at any age. If you are a guy this should be the least of your concerns unless one of your ancestors got it then it is possible you will get it too. The doctor will now perform a breast exam which means he will attempt to feel your breast for any lumps. You must not get uncomfortable when a male doctor is doing that to you since they have been doing it for a long time already. The doctor, not a website can ask a bunch of questions about your medical history as well as your family background since the disease could be hereditary.

If that is the case then there really is nothing you can do about it since it is in the family history that one of your aunts or ancestors got breast cancer and she got it from another ancestor. It is really a stroke of bad luck if you got breast cancer because of that so better to have it checked early so something can be done about it. The doctor can perform an Ultrasound, an MRI or even a biopsy for your breasts as long as he sees it fit to do so. Breast cancer is classified as either not yet spread to the surrounding tissues or it has already. If it has already then it can be named stage 1, 2, 3 or 4. It is a good thing breast cancer can be cured when it is found out in an early stage. This is why you must see a doctor right away and stay away from when you see a sign of it. There is no harm in seeing a doctor when you think you will get breast cancer. Nobody likes having cancer no matter how old you are.

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